he will try and sell you stuff that he clearly doesn’t have. sadly I made this mistake and he got 200$ from me. don’t trust him. don’t reblog his pictures. don’t buy from him.

the pictures aren’t even his he steals them all from Instagram.

fuck that asshole.

Unfollow that piece of shit. Hopefully he scams someone around him so they get some blood out of that garbage

Little rant I just had on Facebook. Enjoy.

"People really need to stop fucking telling me that the way I look isn’t part of the person that I am, because that’s fucking bullshit. You can’t fucking tell me that if I came up to you with a clean-shaven face, short hair, and none of my tattoos showing that you would see me as the same fucking person with the beard, hair, and visible ink, because it’s not fucking true. No, it isn’t my entire personality, but it does help make it up, because even though everyone says you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, they still take it into account while they are judging you. So yes, I fucking understand why people want me to be clean-cut and covered for a certain fucking job, but that is exactly why I won’t fucking do it. That is not the person I am, and it is not a person I will ever become again, so stop fucking telling me I’m stupid for not wanting to change my identity just so I can have some stupid fucking pieces of colored fucking paper that this world seems to be obsessed with. It’s fucking stupid, and y’all are the stupid ones. Fuck you all. Get off my fucking case.

And yes, I turned down a job that I could possibly make 60k a year because I would have to cut my beard, cover my tattoos, and stop smoking weed, but it’s also because I would be working for the catholics, which is one of the religions with the absolute most hate for everyone else, and are complete fucking hypocrites. “Oh, two men can’t get married, but if your daughter gets raped, you can sell her to the man that raped her! By the way, do you like my silk-cotton blend shirt? I know it’s a sin to wear two different cloths at the same time, but it’s just so comfortable.” And I’m not just hating on the catholics. I hate all fucking religion because it’s the base behind most of the hate in this world. Just look at this fucking post.

And for all of you who think I should quit smoking weed anyways, just remember what happened to me a year ago. I quit smoking, I start drinking again. It’s already fucking started…

"End rant.  Good fucking night."

It’s you

It’s that shit stuck under my shoe

It’s that smell inside the van

It’s my bed sheet covered with sand

Sitting through a shitty band

Getting dog shit on my hands

Getting hassled by the man

Waking up to an alarm

Sticking needles in your arm

Picking up trash on a freeway

Feeling depressed everyday

Leaving without making a sound

Picking my dog up at the pound

Living in a tweaker pad

Getting yelled at by my dad

Saying I’m happy when I’m not

Finding roaches in the pot